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My Mother's Boyfriend ... By Matthew Ramsey

OMG! Is how I have to start this review off because that's what it had me saying all while I was reading it Matthew Ramsey has done it again giving us another edge of your seat type of read for those of you that don't know I have been keeping up with Mr. Ramsey since I fell in love with another one of his works titled Porn Stars so when he comes out with a new book I'm always anxious to read it. Okay! so what's the word with this story the title speaks for it's self but let me give you my input. This story is about a sixteen year old name Tiara Brown who is too hot in the pants if you ask me not only was she out there sleeping around  to satisfy her wants and needs like most young girls but she had to take it to the next level and sleep with her mother's boyfriend. Me and Ms. Tiara had a love hate relationship all through this book because one minute I couldn't stand her selfish conceited ass but then on the other hand she was also still a naive child who has a lot to learn about reaping what you sow.  I also felt some type of way about the mother she was able to draw emotions out of me too none good though because she was a trip and I tried to jump in the book and wrap my arms around her neck a couple of times.
Of course this book would not have the Matthew Ramsey stamp on it if it did not bring you a couple of twist and a little bit of turns to keep the drama going. This book will have you scared to bring your man around your sixteen year old daughter (lol) not but on the serious I have seen this type of situation happen before so the story is very realistic the story-line period was amazing and the plot continued to thicken through-out the book . This was a wonderful read that flowed smoothly .

Do you know what time it is? That's right Q&A baby!!!!

1) How would I rate this book on a scale of 1- 10 ?
       I give it thumbs down a ten

2) Would I buy any other books from this author based off this one ?
        Hey! Matt what's up with pt.2 I'm ready lol... So yes

3) Would I recommend this book to my reader ?
         Yes by all means go support this author

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Author Spotlight on Donisha Derice & Jai Darlene ....

1) Well hello ladies, Before we start can you tell us a little more about yourselves where your from ? Do you have any kids ?

Jai: Hello, thanks for interviewing us! Well I'm from nowhere in particular. Lol I'm an army brat but I was raised mostly in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  And I'm the proud parent of a three year old Chihuahua.  He's only four pounds and I adore my little man.  I've always been a writer and story teller in some capacity and everybody that knows me know I love to tell stories. When I was 7 years old my mom bought my dad a video camera and I would force my family to act out scripts I written.  I would write songs for my cousin to sing in church. She would sing the heck out my songs too.  I even written poems as an emotional outlet that I probably won’t ever share- too personal. I chose to become an attorney, because I could use my creative story telling skills by making my clients’ side of the story come to life and use my analytical skills to support that story with law. And now I decided to write novels because it’s something I always wanted and to do. I had a creative void that practicing law just will never fill.

Donisha: First off thank you for this interview.  Let’s see I was born, raised and currently live in Indianapolis. I am mother of two wonderful and awesome children, a 9 year old son, and 3 year old daughter.  They are my life and motivation for following my dream to become an author.  I want them to know they can chase their dreams and never give up on them and they see that I didn't no matter how long it takes to reach. I have always loved writing poems and stories. I wrote my first story when I was 8 years old. As an adult I started off wanting to be a lawyer because I was a good speaker, debater and very persuasive.  But after receiving an Associate degree in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice, a Graduate Certificate in Public Management and working as a Criminal Law Paralegal for over four years I realized I want to write more than anything.                                                                   

 2) Introduce your book to us and tell us a little about it ?
The Hustle: A Means to an End is a tale of two sisters, Beau and Bella Jones, who hustle to survive and are good at it.  These sisters are doing illegal things and making good money. However, they also desire to have normal law abiding lives.  A brush with death forces the sisters to reevaluate what they are doing and Beau chooses to get out the game while Bella keeps hustling.  This book is going to take readers on a journey of two young ladies trying to live and figure out life.  When Bella and Beau finally get what they see as their happily ever after they learn the dirt from the past isn't easily buried.  This book has partying, good living, love, murder, car chases, stalkers, and faith.

3) I noticed the book was written by two authors how did that come about ?

Jai:  Donisha you should answer this one.
Donisha:  Jai and I worked together at a legal agency.  One day we went to lunch, it was right after I received my graduate certificate. Jai asked me what I wanted to do next.  I let her know that I really want to write and that it was a dream of mine to write books.  I learned that day that Jai also dreamed of writing.  I shared with her the hustle book idea which I’d had for over 8 years and we started writing that day.

4) The story revolves around two females by the names of Bella and Beau which character was created by whom and why did you feel there story needed to be told ?

Donisha: The original book concept was about both sisters but was told solely from Beau’s perspective.  I wanted to tell Beau’s story as a cautionary tale of how the bad things we do in our past can have an effect on our future.  Readers will see that although Beau was born into a life of crime and embraces crime as a way to make money she really just wants a normal life but needs a way to get there.  For Beau hustling is as the book title states “A Means to an End”.  This story will show how by faith, family and God a person can change but still must atone for their sins.

Jai: I came up with the idea of writing from Bella’s perspective. I just thought she had a completely different story then Beau. Like Donisha said, Bella was a part of the original story concept, but she didn't initially have a narrative. On the surface Bella comes off as shallow and cold hearted, but I thought Bella was an intriguing tragic character. In the book Beau couldn't understand why Bella would want to continue living a life of crime and it almost destroys their relationship as sisters and friends. So I just wanted to give her a voice to tell her side of what happened and her motivation for doing what she did. 

5) Is it hard when your co-writing with someone else ? I mean how did you get the story to blend and sound as if one person was telling it ?

Jai: We wrote The Hustle: A Means to an End from each sister’s perspective which made co-writing the book work.  We outlined the book and met often to discuss what was going on with each sister in each chapter.  We would often times read each other’s chapter before writing our own.  We wanted to make sure that our writing/story flowed well together. 

Donisha: I think writing the way we did made each sister’s voice very distinct and different from the other.  Don’t get me wrong we did disagree on some things but we were able to talk it out and find a solution we both like.  We fed off of each other’s writings.  Jai would hit me up and say, “Girl that chapter was giving me everything.  You have me hype.”  Next thing I know she would send me 1 or 2 chapters she wrote and it would motivate me to write because it was so good and I was excited to see what was going to happen next.

6) I have known Vanna business wise for a while now in fact I even interviewed her a couple of times she's a very sweet person always willing to lend a hand. What was your experience like working with her ?

 Jai: She is very easy to work with and professional. For me I loved joking around with her, she has a great sense of humor. It gave us validation when Vanna first called us about the book and said she read the entire manuscript in one weekend because she couldn't put it down. Vanna has many accolades under her belt and we were ecstatic that she loved it and wanted to help us get our story out to readers. I just want to note that the original manuscript was very long, almost 400 pages and well over 100,000 words, so reading our book in one weekend was no small feat.

Donisha: Vanna B liking our work and choosing to work with us is a God send.  We are new to this and Vanna is helping us every step of the way.  Because she is a published author she has a great deal of knowledge and experience to share with us.  Between the three of us we made The Hustle better and better until it was ready to be shared.  

7) How do you prepare for a story ?

Donisha: As first time authors Jai and I really just jumped into writing.  We sat down and I told her the whole book concept it had been in my head for so long it was like recapping a movie. In the beginning we did an outline more like a timeline of the events that would happen in the book and we just starting writing.

Jai: It’s true what Donisha said. We both expressed to each other that although we had dreams of writing a novel we just couldn't get anything down on paper, so I suggested that we just put all our  thoughts on paper just to get the ball rolling then go back and flesh the story out into something readable. However when we started writing it immediately looked readable and not just ideas jotted down so we just went with it and let the magic happen. We did have to stop writing in the middle of the book and re-outline the story just to make sure that everything flowed correctly. 

8) Being a writer myself I must say the competition out there  is ferocious I mean with e-books dropping everyday how do you manage the competition ?

Donisha:  This is our first book and we are continuously learning.  But I think for us dropping a good piece of work, telling a story that hasn't been heard is going to set us apart from the competition.  We want to give readers something new to read.  Doing reconnaissance I saw many readers felt like they kept seeing the same story told over and over again.  I don’t think that The Hustle is that same story.

Jai: I don’t even think of it in terms of competition. I tend to focus on my craft and putting the best possible product out there. It’s like shoes, you could already own 100 pairs but if you come across another pair that catches your eye you will purchase them without a doubt. I have never heard anyone say they own too many shoes. And I hope I never hear anyone say they own too many books

9) Let's talk bad reviews how do you think you will react when you get one because let's face it everybody wont like your book ?

Donisha: I have to take the bad with the good and we understand that.  A bad review we will take back to the drawing board and figure out how to do better.   I want to continue to write and get better at it.  In order to grow I need to know what can be done to improve my craft.

Jai: Eh, I don’t hesitate to do a Kanye shrug and keep it moving. I don’t focus on negative energy. I’m always open to constructive criticism and how to improve, but at the same time I don’t think we can please everyone and I don’t strive to do so. We had test readers before releasing the book out to the public and if their criticism made sense we made the necessary changes. So far no one has told us that they didn't like the book. However, I've already come to terms that not everyone will like our novel and I’m ok with that, because I love it and I’m proud of what we created.  

10) Give us a HOT snippet from your book a part of the book that even as you were writing it you was like "DAMN" I just killed that paragraph .

Donisha: Real is right though; I am nothing like the average money-hungry chick.  I don’t fuck for money and I don’t beg for it.  I am a taker.  I take what I want and usually I want money.  But tonight, I want him.  Damn, I want him – like really want him. 

Jai: I kick him in the balls with my stilettos and silently vow to myself that nobody is ever going to take anything from me again. I've already been hustled out of my money; I’ll be damned if I let someone hustle me out of my panties, as well. 

I would just like to give a special shout- out to the both of you for this wonderful interview I wish you much success and look forward to reading more of your work..... 

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The Hustle A Means To An End !!! By Donisha Derice and Jai Darlene

From the moment I opened the book and read the first page I was hooked I wanted to know more about Bella and Beau two sisters  who are the main characters in this spell-bounding novel filled with so many twist and turns I think  it made my  head spin   I have never read a book where two authors were on the exact same page as each other I mean the way they intertwined the story you would think that it was only one person telling it.The plot was very strong and it also pertained memorable messages that can be used in everyday life which is very rare  now in urban fiction books. I love when a book can lure me in and bring emotions out in me I found myself yelling at the  book if you are a reader then you know that is the kind of emotion you want drawn out of you when escaping with a good book.  Two sisters running the same hustle by any means necessary but what happens when one sister wants to stop? Can sisterly bonds be repaired after secrets are revealed? You will have to read the book for the answers.  I give kudos to both authors for bringing us a great story I look forward to reading more of your work maybe even a pt. 2 to this story . Not gonna spoil the story but I will leave you with my favorite part of the story well the whole story was the bomb but this part really stood out to me because I really feel  some females   are getting hustled. From the character Beau.. "You should know bout being hustled ! Look at you being hustled by Louie, Prada, and Gucci. You being hustled by a lifestyle you're dying to keep up with and going broke in the process."

Okay peeps  you no what time it is... That's right Q&A baby!!!

1) How would I rate this book on the scale of 1-10?
  I give it a eight straight banging....

2) Based off this  book would I  buy any other books from these authors?
          Yes I would...

3) Would I  recommend this book to the readers?
      Yes this book is most def worth checking out ....

Also for your buying pleasure I have included the link ..

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Author Spotlight on Larry Ellison and his new book "Secret Society"

1) Well Hello Larry introduce your book to the readers and tell us a little more about it ?

 Hello Ericka. Let me thank you for having me here. My debut book is titled Secret Society and it's about a group of seven young boys growing up in the hood who one day hope to get out and change their living conditions. They have dreams of becoming rich as many do in the hood but not the necessary skills to go about it in a legit way. Therefore like so many growing up in the urban areas they take the hustling route to bring about this change.

2) I noticed that your story is set in Miami is there any particular reason you chose that city?

Of course there is. I chose the city of Miami for several reasons, one in particular because of the many stories that we see on the news where drugs are being smuggled on a daily basis. Miami is famous not only because of that fact but it's also a place where the rich and famous hangout. It's also a very diverse metropolitan city where everyone just blend in. I thought that this would be the perfect place or setting to build my story around. My book is not one dimensional and I think that the city of Miami compliments it and the plot.

3) Being the new kid on the block what are some of the ways you market yourself to get you and your book known ?

 I really believe that the best marketing tool is first and foremost by word of mouth. You see people love to talk about the latest happenings and what's going on around them. So when people, especially people that you 're acquainted with, begin talking about me having a book out it's like for real?! Yeah it's true. But I also try and use the social media that's accessible to most of the world. If you can get those on these websites to view your comments or whatever then you are tapping into those that you would hope to reach. These are people that don't know you personally but can become to know you through your works.

4) Okay! Let's talk reviews as an author we need them have you ever had a bad review? If not how would you handle it and how could you turn that negative to a positive?

Well to be honest I don't know yet if I had a bad review. lol. Being a new kid on the block I'm still pushing my product to become like those who came  before me, very successful. I would take it on the chin Ericka and keep trying to improve. I'm fully aware that I can't reach or please everybody. There will always be someone who just don't dig what I'm laying down, it's natural and apart of life. However, I believe that every knock is a boost so I will use it as motivation to step my game up to where the number of doubters will decrease instead of increasing.

5) Tell me something about Larry know one knows?

Wow! Let me see here I think that everybody knows everything already lol. No just kidding. I'm a true romantic! I love to surprise my woman with just the littlest of things. To bring a smile to her face with something I did gives me great pleasure. Some may look at me and say "damn he's mean" I hear it a lot. lol. But in fact I'm a sweetheart, a loving and caring guy, you just have to take the time to get to know me and not what you may have heard.

6) What made you decide to write Secret Society and what meaning were you trying to get across when you wrote it?

I initially started writing to past time while incarcerated, I write a lil poetry too. When I start writing Secret Society I wanted it to be different than the other urban novels that I've read. I wanted it to have a different twist to it. So I begin thinking about other books that I've read and I used themes from this fascination that our people suddenly has with the Illuminati. This is and always will be a secret group despite what we've heard. My book is based on a secret group that only the members know about, if you're not on the steering committee then you have no knowledge of what's going on. That's a message that I was trying to get across, at least that's one of them. The readers have to go actually read the book to see my other intentions. lol

7) What should we be expecting from you in the future?

I have a desire to do many things but in particular I will continue to write and of course a sequel is coming sometime in the near future. Also I'm looking forward to doing a collaboration with a very talented and gifted woman but I won't name her at this time. Ericka I want to turn this book into maybe a dvd, a movie you know? The sky is the limit with me and my vision is very broad.

8) What advice would you give to a new writer?

Just stay hard at work and whatever you say you're going to do just do it! Never let nobody place doubts into your mind because doubt can turn into disbelief. Remember as a writer in this fiction field you can create whatever you want, the only boundaries that you have are those that you place on yourself.

9) Before I get to my last question is there anything in general you would like to say ?

Let me first and foremost thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to even put one word to pad. Without Him I am nothing, I can do nothing. So Praises due to Allah The Most High! I again would like to thank you Ericka for allowing me to sharing my thoughts on this platform where many will have the opportunity to see and hear what's about to come up out of the small city of Racine state of Wisconsin, stand up! Shout outs to my entire family too many to name you all but y'all know I represent y'all. My Queen Mother your Son has made that transition, I absolutely adore you, Dad I love you and I now understand. My children Larry Jr., Larrice, NeyKeaya, NeyKaiya, Romero and La'Vaya Ellison this is only the beginning. I love and adore each and everyone of you, know that! My Boss Lady, Octavia Barker love you girl, we almost there. Bounce Back Nation we in the building no doubt, let's get 'em! 

10) Give us a Hot snippet from your book.

Stutter texted Airport on his phone that read; BLUE! Airport smiled. This is going to be fun, he thought. Detectives Rodriguez and Jones was told to go to a joint called, The Cabana Bar and Grille. Upon entering the joint, they scanned the place looking for a familiar face, but recognized no one. Airport sat a booth in the rear and waved his hand motioning to them. "Who the fuck are you?" Rodriguez asked. "I'm the man that holds you and Jones' lives in the palm of his hands. Please, have a seat gentlemen and let's reason," Airport said displaying a sly grin. "Who are you exactly? What do you want from us?" asked Jones. "I'll allow you two to call me Airport and you two now work for me. You see, y'all have been shaking down D-Boys, prostitution rings, and every other criminal element in this city. You've eaten off us for way too long, but that shit is over as of now," Airport threatened. "Listen you young ass punk! I've been doing this since you were a snotty nose lil' boy. Now you think you can blackmail me!" Rodriguez said. "You are right about one thing, y'all have been in control since I was a kid, but now I'm in control," Airport snarled, "You old guys don't have any ambition, goals, or any sense of direction. Therefore, us young punks, as you said, are now taking over. Now y'all listen carefully, you have a choice. Either, you work for me or you and your dumb ass partner career's are over," Airport threatened, "The city of Miami would love to see y'all operating as so called police officers, with y'all crooked asses." Rodriguez and Jones began shifting in their seats. "The nigga's y'all have extorted and sent to prison would be happy to see y'all come to prison. Don't you think? Detectives, you are currently fucking with a different caliber of nigga's than what you're used to dealing with. I'm cut from a different cloth and both you fuck boys know and recognize it! Now that we got the formalities out of the way, what are y'all going to do detectives?" Airport asked. They both looked at each other and then back at Airport. "We now work for you," they said in unison. "Good, very good," Airport said with his sinister grin.

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Dilemmas Pt.1 By Lae'Zriah Justice

When Maurice is sent on an extended mission to retrieve missing information from his organization’s former employee; he finds himself falling in love with her. She try to keep her relationship with him strictly sexual, but finds herself drawn to him as well.
Not realizing Maurice is sent to kill her, she allows her love for him take control and let down her guard. She refuses to listen to
the warnings her family gives her about her love for Maurice, as well as his intentions. She instead rebels and accepts him with his
flaws, his cheating ways, his sexual appetite and his commitment to her girlfriend–his wife. Although he is unhappy in his marriage,
he is reluctant to stay for the sake of his children. He begins to lose focus on his mission because of his love for his target. After the
death of one of their rival organization’s members, things begin to change. Secrets are revealed, things turn upside down. Maurice finds himself caught between his job, his hatred for his wife, his love for his children, his love of sex with all of his women, and his love for his mistress. Faced with the reality he is still on a mission to kill his mistress, he finds himself in a…Dilemma.
Chapter One 
He could still smell her: the soft, sweet scent of her perfume over the smell of a freshly bathed body. Her hair was slightly wet from her bath. Her skin was smooth, silky, and soft to the touch. He ran his hands down her nicely toned body, firmly caressing her ass. He could feel her lips gliding about his body as though he tasted like the sweetest piece of liquid filled candy dripping from her lips. She could not get enough of his body on her lips. She licked his chest and nibbled on his nipples. She ran her tongue down his stomach and then to the top of his dick. The need to taste him overtook her, and she became wet with the anticipation of him sliding his dick deep inside her. She kissed and licked his body even more aggressively. Her hands moved about him softly, caressing every erotic part of him. As she gripped his chest and licked his earlobe, he let out a soft moan. She whispered in his ear, “I want this, Maurice.”
The warmth of her naked body next to his aroused him almost to the point of ejaculation. He became eager to feel her wetness all over him. She moved her leg across his body in order to rub it against his hard dick. He whispered back, “I’m all yours, Dr. Aiden.”
His heart rate began to increase as he prepared to flip her over and spread her legs wide, shaking with the thought of sliding into her, and then he…woke up to a slap to the face. “Who in the hell is Dr. Aiden?” his wife asked.
Maurice abruptly woke from a dream that nearly took him to ejaculation pleasure, only to see his wife, Bevelyn, staring at him as though she would remove an organ if he did not have the right response. Her eyes were red from anger, her hair was falling into her face, and her fists were balled up. He attempted to get out of the bed because of his awkward erection, and she pushed him back. She slapped him again. “I asked you a damn question: who in the hell is she?”
Maurice explained that he did not know the name Dr. Aiden outside of the dream he was having. His wife was not convinced by his explanation. He jumped out of bed, using his hand as a guard over his dick. She sat in bed watching him as he stumbled to the bathroom.

New York City native Lae’Zriah Justice is an emerging erotica author. She was raised in various parts of the United States and abroad. Faced with dramatic situations in her life as a young child, she began to use writing as her escape out of the situations. She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Human Resources. She is the first of four children, a devoted mother, and the author of her debut book, Dilemmas (Part 1)
Get to know the author:
What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?
My books are erotica. I enjoy erotica because I can be a very sexual person and I love spontaneity. Those two characteristics about myself drew me to the erotica genre. I like to think and do things where others do not think of or rarely think of which are displayed in my books. Some feedback I receive is about how realistic the intimate scenes are but those scenes are more realistic than one would think. At least they are in my world.
Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
My work depends on what I am writing. I have never used an outline but I always have to have a plot. The plot comes to mind before anything else does and I build on that. Sometimes, the plot may change but the ideas flow from the plot. In some cases, I have actually drawn the floor plan of the character’s homes, their office setting and even their vehicles just to visualize what I am trying to write.  In other cases, I have just keep the thoughts in mind as I write.
Do you ever experience the dreaded writer’s block? If so, do you have any tips on how to get through the block?
Yes I do. The first time I experienced it, I had no clue what it was and was online looking up what was wrong with me. I still have had a little issue with writers block but I am realizing that it is coming from things that go on in my life. I am a very busy person and I wear many hats. I have learned to step back and get myself together in order for the ideas to flow. My way of working through the blocks may not work for everyone but the first thing I do is try to write through the block. Even if it is just a sentence a day. I also take more personal time out to unwind with soft music, candles and just a sip of wine (because I am not a drinker). I exclude everything from social media to a television when I unwind.
What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?
There will be some who love your work and some who do not. Of course I love a good review but I welcome all truthful reviews. I am very new at being an author and I do not expect to grab everyone’s attention however, those that I do grab, if they feel that there is something  missing or something is not right, I welcome those comments because I can learn from them to help me become a better author.
What are your views on social media for marketing?
I believe social media can have a positive impact, if it is marketed correctly. Millions of people use social media on a daily basis. I know for myself, there are certain products, restaurants and even books I probably never would have heard about if it weren’t for the person or company advertising on a social medial outlet. Repetition is also important in social marketing because when a person notices the same item or product repeatedly, they are much more inclined view the ad.
Are you currently working on any projects?
I am currently working on a book called Tangled. Is about a woman who has some psychological issues which has her perceptions of things not exactly accurate.  However she is somewhat clueless about her real situations. She has the ideal marriage, and a very unhappy, devious best friend. Her past begins to catch up with her when she feels betrayed and commits some unthinkable acts. Tangle has a lots of twists and turn in this book, a little like Dilemmas but it has a different pace. Tangled should be out by the summer. I am also working on Dilemmas Part 2 which should be out by summer as well.
Do you have any advice for potential authors seeking to publish their first book?
The only advice I can give is to make sure you are doing it because you are passionate about it not merely because of monetary gain. Once you realize you want to write because it is deeply rooted in your heart then DO IT!
Find the author:
Buy the book:

Cracks in My Palms ... By Thomas C. Ross

Cracks in My Palms was written simply because I grew tired of waiting on someone else to write it!
The topic you you’ve been hoping your favorite rapper would address. I’ve taken the liberty to address.
The war within yourself, the battle raging in your mind, trying to maintain sanity in a insane world. I’ve put that in words so you don’t have to feel alone anymore.
The many twist and turns of an relationship that leaves us asking “what exactly is love?” I like to think I’ve answered that question perfectly.
You’ll see life through the eyes of the down trodden.
For once you read words uplifting women, vice degrading them!
You’ll experience the uncertainty of a father who knows he can’t be here among the living forever, and just wants the best for his princess.
You will experience life RAW, uncut, absent of the Hollywood filter.
You’ll laugh, cry, smile become angry, and love it.
This book was not written simply to entertain you.
It was written to awakened the dead in spirit, to cause the bitter to love once more, to empathize with the bereaved, to cause debate, to force those who always feel to think, to question the black and white lines of world that divide us.
This book was written for you, you just don’t know it yet!
Love is understanding , love is prayer, love is forgiveness
love is taken for granted, love is rare, love is relentless
love hurts,love lives, love gives,love is fierce
loves a bitch,your pride love is guranteed  to pierce,
love dilligently works
love pushes, love strains, love strives,
love weathered under pressure sometmes  bursts
a  love deprived cries because its dying of  thirst,
love can be exciting or mellow and mild
love can drive a young man wild
love hears, love see’s, love learns , love teaches
love expects, love delivers, when love is lost, love seeks it
love believes, love dreams , love tries, love fails
love is pure, love endures, love fights, love prevails
love is heaven , love is  hell,love is freedom, love is a cell
love is a blessing, love is a curse,love is a lesson loves is..
The most Perfect Imperfection
love is ridicule,love is pivotal,love is a very difficult wish for two
love is loyal,love is honest,love is Principle
love is progress,love is mystical, love is a promise, love is invincible
love is God’s hands, God’s earth, God’s breath of life,the creation, God’s Man
Love is a Man’s life, his rib,his Wife, God’s Plan
Love is the unconquerable emotion that superceedes all
love is everything created shaken together
love is beyond boundaries without measure
love is here, love is now, love is forever..yeah Love is Forever.

Get to know the author:
1. How long have you been writing?
I started off writing at the age of six. I entered my very first story in the Young Authors contest. I did not win due to the graphic nature of my story. (I wrote a horror story) However, I got a honorable mention and kudos from various teaching saying that my story was great, but it was just too gory. Lol
2. Who is your greatest influence when regarding writing?
My greatest influence is the great Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Langston Hughes and Gill-Scott Herring as far as poetry is concerned.
Now regarding novels I love, Stephen King, Alex Haley, Claude Brown, Dick Gregory and I have a guilty pleasure; I enjoy Zane.
3. What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is the bible. I have yet to find a book more controversial, more historically accurate, and more globally misunderstood then the bible. It us beyond intriguing. It’s like only a select group of people were set apart to truly grasp the books overall objective. It’s a classic.
5. How far do you want to take your writings?
My personal goal is to one day be able to write for a living.
My ultimate goal is to change the world one reader at a time.
6. Will any of your personal trials or tribulations be addressed in your writing ?
In every book I will be revealing a piece of me that no one knows, writing is therapeutic and I owe my fans all of me!
7. What is your motivation behind writing?
First and foremost my daughter. Outside of serving proudly in the Navy, I want my daughter to be proud of who the man her father is by continuing to earn a respectable living
Secondly a past lover whom I still care for deeply once told me that I could do anything I wanted to, but writing she said “you were born to write and your just wasting your talent”. So I want to make her proud as well wherever she may be.
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Dallas Love Story... By JDamoi

From the moment I opened this book and read the first line I was drawn into a story of a family dealing with survival. Trying to survive the mean streets of Dallas while also trying to survive living in the house with there drug addicted prostitute of a mother.I entered the lives of Misty, Thaddeus, and Shelby three teenage kids who manage to be there for each other know matter what. It can be hard living with a mother who is irresponsible , immature , hateful,  and only out for her only. Her kids  are the last thing she thinks about as she hits the block looking for her next victim even through all this her kids still manage to go to school everyday on there own and make sure food is on the table when there mom is not around.  Not only is the mom (Gloria) living fowl but she also has a deep dark secret that she's been holding on to for over sixteen years that could come back to haunt her and her family. Will she get it together before it's to late or is it already too late? I really liked the way the author manage to lure me into the story from the very beginning and the plot only got stronger and stronger as I turned the pages. The bond between the siblings was amazing you could really feel the love between them this book had me bringing out all types of emotions I literally started  yelling at the book  like "Hell Naw," which is a very good sign from a readers perspective at times this book had me on the edge of my seat. The thing with writing books is you have to be able to make that reader picture every scene in  there mind  as your describing what what down and the author did a perfect job in setting up the scenery to where I could picture it in my head. I really didn't like the ending that much because it left me hanging with a lot of unanswered questions but I think that's because it's setting us up for a part 2 if I'm not mistaken. All in all this book is worth the read  and that the author has a very good writing career a head of them. If there is a part 2 coming out to this book I will defiantly be on the look out for it and I hope Gloria (Mom) can change her nasty ways because her character had me feeling all types of ways one minute I felt bad for her then the next minute I was mad at her if there was a fowl mother award she would take first, second and third place.
    Now y'all already know what time it is..... That's right Q&A baby!!!

1) How would I rate this book on a scale of 1-5?
     I would give it a 5.  I was able to read through the whole book without feeling like I wanted to put it down. No slow parts in this book straight action and drama.

2) Based off this book would you buy any other books from this author?
     Yes I would......

3) Would you recommend this book to your readers?
  Yes! This is one author worth checking out.....