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Author Spotlight on Larry Ellison and his new book "Secret Society"

1) Well Hello Larry introduce your book to the readers and tell us a little more about it ?

 Hello Ericka. Let me thank you for having me here. My debut book is titled Secret Society and it's about a group of seven young boys growing up in the hood who one day hope to get out and change their living conditions. They have dreams of becoming rich as many do in the hood but not the necessary skills to go about it in a legit way. Therefore like so many growing up in the urban areas they take the hustling route to bring about this change.

2) I noticed that your story is set in Miami is there any particular reason you chose that city?

Of course there is. I chose the city of Miami for several reasons, one in particular because of the many stories that we see on the news where drugs are being smuggled on a daily basis. Miami is famous not only because of that fact but it's also a place where the rich and famous hangout. It's also a very diverse metropolitan city where everyone just blend in. I thought that this would be the perfect place or setting to build my story around. My book is not one dimensional and I think that the city of Miami compliments it and the plot.

3) Being the new kid on the block what are some of the ways you market yourself to get you and your book known ?

 I really believe that the best marketing tool is first and foremost by word of mouth. You see people love to talk about the latest happenings and what's going on around them. So when people, especially people that you 're acquainted with, begin talking about me having a book out it's like for real?! Yeah it's true. But I also try and use the social media that's accessible to most of the world. If you can get those on these websites to view your comments or whatever then you are tapping into those that you would hope to reach. These are people that don't know you personally but can become to know you through your works.

4) Okay! Let's talk reviews as an author we need them have you ever had a bad review? If not how would you handle it and how could you turn that negative to a positive?

Well to be honest I don't know yet if I had a bad review. lol. Being a new kid on the block I'm still pushing my product to become like those who came  before me, very successful. I would take it on the chin Ericka and keep trying to improve. I'm fully aware that I can't reach or please everybody. There will always be someone who just don't dig what I'm laying down, it's natural and apart of life. However, I believe that every knock is a boost so I will use it as motivation to step my game up to where the number of doubters will decrease instead of increasing.

5) Tell me something about Larry know one knows?

Wow! Let me see here I think that everybody knows everything already lol. No just kidding. I'm a true romantic! I love to surprise my woman with just the littlest of things. To bring a smile to her face with something I did gives me great pleasure. Some may look at me and say "damn he's mean" I hear it a lot. lol. But in fact I'm a sweetheart, a loving and caring guy, you just have to take the time to get to know me and not what you may have heard.

6) What made you decide to write Secret Society and what meaning were you trying to get across when you wrote it?

I initially started writing to past time while incarcerated, I write a lil poetry too. When I start writing Secret Society I wanted it to be different than the other urban novels that I've read. I wanted it to have a different twist to it. So I begin thinking about other books that I've read and I used themes from this fascination that our people suddenly has with the Illuminati. This is and always will be a secret group despite what we've heard. My book is based on a secret group that only the members know about, if you're not on the steering committee then you have no knowledge of what's going on. That's a message that I was trying to get across, at least that's one of them. The readers have to go actually read the book to see my other intentions. lol

7) What should we be expecting from you in the future?

I have a desire to do many things but in particular I will continue to write and of course a sequel is coming sometime in the near future. Also I'm looking forward to doing a collaboration with a very talented and gifted woman but I won't name her at this time. Ericka I want to turn this book into maybe a dvd, a movie you know? The sky is the limit with me and my vision is very broad.

8) What advice would you give to a new writer?

Just stay hard at work and whatever you say you're going to do just do it! Never let nobody place doubts into your mind because doubt can turn into disbelief. Remember as a writer in this fiction field you can create whatever you want, the only boundaries that you have are those that you place on yourself.

9) Before I get to my last question is there anything in general you would like to say ?

Let me first and foremost thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to even put one word to pad. Without Him I am nothing, I can do nothing. So Praises due to Allah The Most High! I again would like to thank you Ericka for allowing me to sharing my thoughts on this platform where many will have the opportunity to see and hear what's about to come up out of the small city of Racine state of Wisconsin, stand up! Shout outs to my entire family too many to name you all but y'all know I represent y'all. My Queen Mother your Son has made that transition, I absolutely adore you, Dad I love you and I now understand. My children Larry Jr., Larrice, NeyKeaya, NeyKaiya, Romero and La'Vaya Ellison this is only the beginning. I love and adore each and everyone of you, know that! My Boss Lady, Octavia Barker love you girl, we almost there. Bounce Back Nation we in the building no doubt, let's get 'em! 

10) Give us a Hot snippet from your book.

Stutter texted Airport on his phone that read; BLUE! Airport smiled. This is going to be fun, he thought. Detectives Rodriguez and Jones was told to go to a joint called, The Cabana Bar and Grille. Upon entering the joint, they scanned the place looking for a familiar face, but recognized no one. Airport sat a booth in the rear and waved his hand motioning to them. "Who the fuck are you?" Rodriguez asked. "I'm the man that holds you and Jones' lives in the palm of his hands. Please, have a seat gentlemen and let's reason," Airport said displaying a sly grin. "Who are you exactly? What do you want from us?" asked Jones. "I'll allow you two to call me Airport and you two now work for me. You see, y'all have been shaking down D-Boys, prostitution rings, and every other criminal element in this city. You've eaten off us for way too long, but that shit is over as of now," Airport threatened. "Listen you young ass punk! I've been doing this since you were a snotty nose lil' boy. Now you think you can blackmail me!" Rodriguez said. "You are right about one thing, y'all have been in control since I was a kid, but now I'm in control," Airport snarled, "You old guys don't have any ambition, goals, or any sense of direction. Therefore, us young punks, as you said, are now taking over. Now y'all listen carefully, you have a choice. Either, you work for me or you and your dumb ass partner career's are over," Airport threatened, "The city of Miami would love to see y'all operating as so called police officers, with y'all crooked asses." Rodriguez and Jones began shifting in their seats. "The nigga's y'all have extorted and sent to prison would be happy to see y'all come to prison. Don't you think? Detectives, you are currently fucking with a different caliber of nigga's than what you're used to dealing with. I'm cut from a different cloth and both you fuck boys know and recognize it! Now that we got the formalities out of the way, what are y'all going to do detectives?" Airport asked. They both looked at each other and then back at Airport. "We now work for you," they said in unison. "Good, very good," Airport said with his sinister grin.

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Dilemmas Pt.1 By Lae'Zriah Justice

When Maurice is sent on an extended mission to retrieve missing information from his organization’s former employee; he finds himself falling in love with her. She try to keep her relationship with him strictly sexual, but finds herself drawn to him as well.
Not realizing Maurice is sent to kill her, she allows her love for him take control and let down her guard. She refuses to listen to
the warnings her family gives her about her love for Maurice, as well as his intentions. She instead rebels and accepts him with his
flaws, his cheating ways, his sexual appetite and his commitment to her girlfriend–his wife. Although he is unhappy in his marriage,
he is reluctant to stay for the sake of his children. He begins to lose focus on his mission because of his love for his target. After the
death of one of their rival organization’s members, things begin to change. Secrets are revealed, things turn upside down. Maurice finds himself caught between his job, his hatred for his wife, his love for his children, his love of sex with all of his women, and his love for his mistress. Faced with the reality he is still on a mission to kill his mistress, he finds himself in a…Dilemma.
Chapter One 
He could still smell her: the soft, sweet scent of her perfume over the smell of a freshly bathed body. Her hair was slightly wet from her bath. Her skin was smooth, silky, and soft to the touch. He ran his hands down her nicely toned body, firmly caressing her ass. He could feel her lips gliding about his body as though he tasted like the sweetest piece of liquid filled candy dripping from her lips. She could not get enough of his body on her lips. She licked his chest and nibbled on his nipples. She ran her tongue down his stomach and then to the top of his dick. The need to taste him overtook her, and she became wet with the anticipation of him sliding his dick deep inside her. She kissed and licked his body even more aggressively. Her hands moved about him softly, caressing every erotic part of him. As she gripped his chest and licked his earlobe, he let out a soft moan. She whispered in his ear, “I want this, Maurice.”
The warmth of her naked body next to his aroused him almost to the point of ejaculation. He became eager to feel her wetness all over him. She moved her leg across his body in order to rub it against his hard dick. He whispered back, “I’m all yours, Dr. Aiden.”
His heart rate began to increase as he prepared to flip her over and spread her legs wide, shaking with the thought of sliding into her, and then he…woke up to a slap to the face. “Who in the hell is Dr. Aiden?” his wife asked.
Maurice abruptly woke from a dream that nearly took him to ejaculation pleasure, only to see his wife, Bevelyn, staring at him as though she would remove an organ if he did not have the right response. Her eyes were red from anger, her hair was falling into her face, and her fists were balled up. He attempted to get out of the bed because of his awkward erection, and she pushed him back. She slapped him again. “I asked you a damn question: who in the hell is she?”
Maurice explained that he did not know the name Dr. Aiden outside of the dream he was having. His wife was not convinced by his explanation. He jumped out of bed, using his hand as a guard over his dick. She sat in bed watching him as he stumbled to the bathroom.

New York City native Lae’Zriah Justice is an emerging erotica author. She was raised in various parts of the United States and abroad. Faced with dramatic situations in her life as a young child, she began to use writing as her escape out of the situations. She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Human Resources. She is the first of four children, a devoted mother, and the author of her debut book, Dilemmas (Part 1)
Get to know the author:
What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?
My books are erotica. I enjoy erotica because I can be a very sexual person and I love spontaneity. Those two characteristics about myself drew me to the erotica genre. I like to think and do things where others do not think of or rarely think of which are displayed in my books. Some feedback I receive is about how realistic the intimate scenes are but those scenes are more realistic than one would think. At least they are in my world.
Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?
My work depends on what I am writing. I have never used an outline but I always have to have a plot. The plot comes to mind before anything else does and I build on that. Sometimes, the plot may change but the ideas flow from the plot. In some cases, I have actually drawn the floor plan of the character’s homes, their office setting and even their vehicles just to visualize what I am trying to write.  In other cases, I have just keep the thoughts in mind as I write.
Do you ever experience the dreaded writer’s block? If so, do you have any tips on how to get through the block?
Yes I do. The first time I experienced it, I had no clue what it was and was online looking up what was wrong with me. I still have had a little issue with writers block but I am realizing that it is coming from things that go on in my life. I am a very busy person and I wear many hats. I have learned to step back and get myself together in order for the ideas to flow. My way of working through the blocks may not work for everyone but the first thing I do is try to write through the block. Even if it is just a sentence a day. I also take more personal time out to unwind with soft music, candles and just a sip of wine (because I am not a drinker). I exclude everything from social media to a television when I unwind.
What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?
There will be some who love your work and some who do not. Of course I love a good review but I welcome all truthful reviews. I am very new at being an author and I do not expect to grab everyone’s attention however, those that I do grab, if they feel that there is something  missing or something is not right, I welcome those comments because I can learn from them to help me become a better author.
What are your views on social media for marketing?
I believe social media can have a positive impact, if it is marketed correctly. Millions of people use social media on a daily basis. I know for myself, there are certain products, restaurants and even books I probably never would have heard about if it weren’t for the person or company advertising on a social medial outlet. Repetition is also important in social marketing because when a person notices the same item or product repeatedly, they are much more inclined view the ad.
Are you currently working on any projects?
I am currently working on a book called Tangled. Is about a woman who has some psychological issues which has her perceptions of things not exactly accurate.  However she is somewhat clueless about her real situations. She has the ideal marriage, and a very unhappy, devious best friend. Her past begins to catch up with her when she feels betrayed and commits some unthinkable acts. Tangle has a lots of twists and turn in this book, a little like Dilemmas but it has a different pace. Tangled should be out by the summer. I am also working on Dilemmas Part 2 which should be out by summer as well.
Do you have any advice for potential authors seeking to publish their first book?
The only advice I can give is to make sure you are doing it because you are passionate about it not merely because of monetary gain. Once you realize you want to write because it is deeply rooted in your heart then DO IT!
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Cracks in My Palms ... By Thomas C. Ross

Cracks in My Palms was written simply because I grew tired of waiting on someone else to write it!
The topic you you’ve been hoping your favorite rapper would address. I’ve taken the liberty to address.
The war within yourself, the battle raging in your mind, trying to maintain sanity in a insane world. I’ve put that in words so you don’t have to feel alone anymore.
The many twist and turns of an relationship that leaves us asking “what exactly is love?” I like to think I’ve answered that question perfectly.
You’ll see life through the eyes of the down trodden.
For once you read words uplifting women, vice degrading them!
You’ll experience the uncertainty of a father who knows he can’t be here among the living forever, and just wants the best for his princess.
You will experience life RAW, uncut, absent of the Hollywood filter.
You’ll laugh, cry, smile become angry, and love it.
This book was not written simply to entertain you.
It was written to awakened the dead in spirit, to cause the bitter to love once more, to empathize with the bereaved, to cause debate, to force those who always feel to think, to question the black and white lines of world that divide us.
This book was written for you, you just don’t know it yet!
Love is understanding , love is prayer, love is forgiveness
love is taken for granted, love is rare, love is relentless
love hurts,love lives, love gives,love is fierce
loves a bitch,your pride love is guranteed  to pierce,
love dilligently works
love pushes, love strains, love strives,
love weathered under pressure sometmes  bursts
a  love deprived cries because its dying of  thirst,
love can be exciting or mellow and mild
love can drive a young man wild
love hears, love see’s, love learns , love teaches
love expects, love delivers, when love is lost, love seeks it
love believes, love dreams , love tries, love fails
love is pure, love endures, love fights, love prevails
love is heaven , love is  hell,love is freedom, love is a cell
love is a blessing, love is a curse,love is a lesson loves is..
The most Perfect Imperfection
love is ridicule,love is pivotal,love is a very difficult wish for two
love is loyal,love is honest,love is Principle
love is progress,love is mystical, love is a promise, love is invincible
love is God’s hands, God’s earth, God’s breath of life,the creation, God’s Man
Love is a Man’s life, his rib,his Wife, God’s Plan
Love is the unconquerable emotion that superceedes all
love is everything created shaken together
love is beyond boundaries without measure
love is here, love is now, love is forever..yeah Love is Forever.

Get to know the author:
1. How long have you been writing?
I started off writing at the age of six. I entered my very first story in the Young Authors contest. I did not win due to the graphic nature of my story. (I wrote a horror story) However, I got a honorable mention and kudos from various teaching saying that my story was great, but it was just too gory. Lol
2. Who is your greatest influence when regarding writing?
My greatest influence is the great Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Langston Hughes and Gill-Scott Herring as far as poetry is concerned.
Now regarding novels I love, Stephen King, Alex Haley, Claude Brown, Dick Gregory and I have a guilty pleasure; I enjoy Zane.
3. What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is the bible. I have yet to find a book more controversial, more historically accurate, and more globally misunderstood then the bible. It us beyond intriguing. It’s like only a select group of people were set apart to truly grasp the books overall objective. It’s a classic.
5. How far do you want to take your writings?
My personal goal is to one day be able to write for a living.
My ultimate goal is to change the world one reader at a time.
6. Will any of your personal trials or tribulations be addressed in your writing ?
In every book I will be revealing a piece of me that no one knows, writing is therapeutic and I owe my fans all of me!
7. What is your motivation behind writing?
First and foremost my daughter. Outside of serving proudly in the Navy, I want my daughter to be proud of who the man her father is by continuing to earn a respectable living
Secondly a past lover whom I still care for deeply once told me that I could do anything I wanted to, but writing she said “you were born to write and your just wasting your talent”. So I want to make her proud as well wherever she may be.
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A Dallas Love Story... By JDamoi

From the moment I opened this book and read the first line I was drawn into a story of a family dealing with survival. Trying to survive the mean streets of Dallas while also trying to survive living in the house with there drug addicted prostitute of a mother.I entered the lives of Misty, Thaddeus, and Shelby three teenage kids who manage to be there for each other know matter what. It can be hard living with a mother who is irresponsible , immature , hateful,  and only out for her only. Her kids  are the last thing she thinks about as she hits the block looking for her next victim even through all this her kids still manage to go to school everyday on there own and make sure food is on the table when there mom is not around.  Not only is the mom (Gloria) living fowl but she also has a deep dark secret that she's been holding on to for over sixteen years that could come back to haunt her and her family. Will she get it together before it's to late or is it already too late? I really liked the way the author manage to lure me into the story from the very beginning and the plot only got stronger and stronger as I turned the pages. The bond between the siblings was amazing you could really feel the love between them this book had me bringing out all types of emotions I literally started  yelling at the book  like "Hell Naw," which is a very good sign from a readers perspective at times this book had me on the edge of my seat. The thing with writing books is you have to be able to make that reader picture every scene in  there mind  as your describing what what down and the author did a perfect job in setting up the scenery to where I could picture it in my head. I really didn't like the ending that much because it left me hanging with a lot of unanswered questions but I think that's because it's setting us up for a part 2 if I'm not mistaken. All in all this book is worth the read  and that the author has a very good writing career a head of them. If there is a part 2 coming out to this book I will defiantly be on the look out for it and I hope Gloria (Mom) can change her nasty ways because her character had me feeling all types of ways one minute I felt bad for her then the next minute I was mad at her if there was a fowl mother award she would take first, second and third place.
    Now y'all already know what time it is..... That's right Q&A baby!!!

1) How would I rate this book on a scale of 1-5?
     I would give it a 5.  I was able to read through the whole book without feeling like I wanted to put it down. No slow parts in this book straight action and drama.

2) Based off this book would you buy any other books from this author?
     Yes I would......

3) Would you recommend this book to your readers?
  Yes! This is one author worth checking out.....

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A Dreadful Day.. Book Review / Interview with the Author

Synopsis: This is a story about a family torn apart. In this story you will witness everything a father goes through to show his kids that they are loved. You will also witness how a mother can be heartless towards one child but loving towards the other. Sometimes it’s a father that holds the family together. When a woman is scorned her rage has no limits and no one is safe. See what happens when a mother can’t control her anger. And the only ones to unleash your rage on are her kids. Everyone isn’t parent material and giving birth doesn’t necessarily make you a good mother. A dreadful day, the day my whole life changed.

A Dreadful Day The Day My Whole Life Changed..By Darrell Freeman

Publication Date: March 18,2013. 188 pp.

This is a story about a young mother by the name of Natalie that fell in love with a hardworking man by the name of Jason who would do anything to take care of his family if his job called for sixteen hours then he was there. Anything to give his family the life he never had growing up you would think that would be enough for she's living the dream  not having to work because her husband says all she has to do is take care of the house and his kid and he will do the rest. But when she decides that's not enough and shes not getting enough of his attention what does she do? She goes out and finds her a man that will give her some. But like that old saying goes the grass is not always greener on the other side as she meets and hooks up with a smooth talker by the name of Shannon a sex with no strings attached kind who gives her all the attention she craves until she becomes pregnant.
    This is when the story got very interesting to my and the plot began to thicken in other words this is when  shit got real. I like the fact that the author finally made a man the hero letting us know that there are still some stand up guys out here. The way Jason stood up to care for both kids even a child that was not his was amazing and I think the author did a very good job establishing that bond between father and son. The author also told the story of when a woman goes into having a baby just to keep a man and it backfires how that child can be a constant reminder of the man that played you and there for that's when abuse of the child can kick in. I think this was story worth telling the author did an amazing job luring me he had my emotions boiling I was actually hollering at some of the characters in this book the plot was consistent and the story flowed effortlessly ..... All in all great job Mr. Freeman..

            Pt 2,, Interview with the Author....

1) Hey Darrell can you tell the readers a little more about you. Like where your from, do you have any kids, are you single?

My name is Darrell R. Freeman Jr.  I'm from Crowley, Louisiana and I have a son  and currently in a relationship

2) Introduce your book to us and tell us a little more about it?
My book is called A Dreadful Day {the day my whole life changed}

This is a story of a family who has endured a lifetime of pain. A lonely wife and mother makes a decision that would change her family forever. She has a one night stand in which she becomes pregnant. Convinced that her new fling will support her and their baby she gets excited of the possibility of a new life with another man. Little does she know that he has no intentions of raising a child.  He questions weather this child is truly his and walks out on her and her child. It's at that very moment that she loses all her love for her youngest child.  She begins to abuse him physically and mentally. Her husband is hurt by the fact that she had a child by another man but he loves him anyway. As he tries to build a relationship with him, Shannon's mother tells her child not to trust him. confused and suicidal  her youngest child endures a life of hell. witness everything a father does to show his kids he cares and he only wants the best for them. witness the sacrifices he makes for his children. But when a woman's scorned her rage has no limits and no one is safe. Not even her children. would you sacrifice your child's happiest to satisfy your rage and anger towards his father.

3) I really enjoyed your book it was a heart felt read and the poem at the beginning entitled Breathe Easy spoke volumes to me can you explain the meaning behind this powerful poem and why do you feel you had to write it?

Well my editor Timothy Green at Inkaissance  actually wrote the poem. I felt it blended well with the subject I outlined in my book. It took you to a world of  mischief and acts of violence. A world where so many of us  live and die on a daily basis. teachers try to poison our minds to think outside the box and live better. but so many of us are convinced that we are stuck in the ghetto. But hopefully no one will experience a dreadful day. To me this piece teaches us our environment maybe corrupt but if we learn from others mistakes. We can do better or make no excuses for what we chose to endure.

4) Why do you feel this story needed to be told?

This story needs to be told because so many of us endure so much.  No one knows what goes on behind closed doors and if we did , what would we do to help. A family is based on love, trust, stability, protection. But if you have none what do, you do who do you turn to. This story shows the relationship  between the mother and children. Husband and wife. father and son which are the main providers in the home. when that relationship is  not secure trouble and confusion reigns within the home. It becomes a dungeon of hell instead of a house of love. too many families are experiencing so much trouble in their homes and being told what happens at home stays at home. Causing abuse, incest, molestation  and pain to continue for countless years. leaving our families, our children , our future, permanently damaged. Unless we bring these stories to the forefront things will never change and that's why this story should be told. To help someone whose afraid, to speak up, someone who thinks they deserve it, realize that this is not right.

5) The story seemed so real was it based off someone you know?

A dreadful day is a fictional story but some of the situations are real.  A dreadful day the real story which I included at the end of the book is real. Now that story is based off my first cousins life. Where his life was cut short at the tender age of seventeen. He was brutally murdered and his death still affects me today.  with both stories I strongly feel if these kids were loved more and had more support and encouragement the ending would have been totally different. Ironically we never discussed how my cousins death affected us as a family. this man was more than a cousin , we considered him our brother. He was  hit in the back of the head with a axe and we  { his cousins were his Paul bearers } That was a lot to deal with at a young age and I think so many kids are lost because we don't talk to them about what's going on. Instead we try to shield them from the world and cover up things in our homes. Or pretend  that these things don't exist. 

6) The mother in this story was just heartless with the resentment she had towards her youngest son. Do you think a lot of females take out there anger on the children when the father is missing from the home?

I think a lot of them do but it also works both ways. I think the fathers do the same as well. You see once the relationship is over and the parents can't get along they begin using the child as a bargaining chip. Telling their  ex you wont see your son or your daughter causing a drift between there children and that parent. also we punish our kids because that child reminds you of the one who broke your heart.  it's hard to raise a young man to love and respect women when your child has the face of the man who broke your heart. Or that child has the ways of the woman who cheated on you . but as parents we must come together for our children. there should be no reason to destroy your child's life or relationship with that other parent because the two of you are not together.

7) Your book also talked about forgiveness too do you think it's totally possible to forgive your abuser especially when it's coming from your own mother a person who is suppose to love you unconditionally?

 I think you can but it will take some time. You both have to be willing to get past it and move on. Both of you must be honest lay all the cards on the table and figure out why you were so angry. As the one whose been abused you must express how the abuse affected you and how you truly feel. The abuser must listen and understand, stop trying to defend their actions. Get counseling, trust in god and let him heal all wounds. Even if the abuser is not willing to seek counseling I think the one whose been abused should. Because  that pain and anger from being abused is planted within you. until it's released you will not feel whole and not know how to love your children. There's nothing wrong with seeking help, it shows you that you recognize there's a problem and your willing to make changes.

8) Did you self- publish or go with a traditional publisher and how did the process go?

I decided to self- publish because you have more control. We must understand this is our work and your story is your voice. It should reflect your opinion and you should have control over the way it's being assembled.

9) What is your writing routine?

I'm a writer I write poetry, erotica, short stories and urban fiction. I write everyday no matter what. some stories come to me easy some I have to really think about. But first thing I do is I create a good title then I imagine what my book cover looks like as well as my characters. Then I write at least two pages about the story. from those pages I use that info to create my story with the plot, scheme as well as the ending. once I know how the story starts I can create how it ends. as I write I let it flow. I read each chapter as I write to make sure my story lines up. if I decide the story is taking me in a different direction I rearrange it. I never throw my ideas away even if it didn't fit in the story I try to use it for maybe a part two or a different book.  I do research on the story as well as put myself in that characters shoes. determine what would I do in that situation. I watch movies  on the subject and try to create the world I write about from knowledge as well as experience. Sometimes I jump from chapter to chapter whenever I can't get it to flow. I focus on a new chapter as my ideas begin to emerge I link all my chapters together.

10) How do you handle bad reviews of your book?

Honestly I haven't received to many reviews but family and friends who read my book gave me their views on the story. I try to understand where they are coming from. I appreciate all advice but I also know that this is my story and I know how the story should begin and end. But if someones review make sense I do use there advice and try to make my next story so much better.

11) What's next for Mr. Freeman in 2014?

More books , more projects.  I'm working on so much right now. I actually have three novels finished and two poetry books done I just need them to be edited. I'm also working on other books. Look out for Predators on the down low, Sexual Attraction vol.1, The girl that got away....or did she, Betraying my father, Poetry runs Thru my veins, Knowledge of a hood prophet, I kno' I'm Livin" foul big momma gon' raise my child.  I been featured in a number of books such as Poetic Gumbo, Savor...the longest night anthology, Hurricane Katrina couldn't break us, A Mother's day special, from a window, tranquility, that why i'm single , Doughboy

12) Tell me something about you that nobody knows because they never dared to ask?

Something no one knows is that  I'm trying to be an entrepreneur and help make a difference by helping with  growth and community development. as well as foundations and scholarships. I want to make my parents and my brothers proud of me.They have supported me thru it all. All my ups and downs. They help me sell my books and most importantly I'm still Peewee to them. I'm still there brother, I'm still there son. I'm Branding myself to branch off in other businesses. I want us as a family to have our own business and work towards empowering  our kids and our kids, kids. As much as they tell me they are proud of me I'm proud of them and I appreciate them for everything they have done for me. I love y"all. Shout out to my baby , my son Darrell Freeman III who motivates me everyday I'm trying to make you proud just like I'm proud of you.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Dicmatized 2 by Dyphia Blount

Okay so before I can even begin this review I will have to catch you up on part one which caught me totally off guard. When I am asked to read an  Erotica book I usually hesitate because to me it's always just a bunch of sex with no strong plot or storyline to it at all but not this book it actually held a interesting story that lured me in not only is this series on fire but the author is as well  which is why I just had to catch up with her for a short interview which will be following my review.

Synopsis: Dr. Lenese Stringfield Puts the "Sex" in Sex Therapy as she takes the profession by storm with her new and innovative techniques. Her seductive nature and sexy demeanor has her clients eating out of the palm of her hand; amongst other things. Lenese has loved once and lost. So, if she can't be with the one she loves; she will love the one she's with. But, amazing sex doesn't come without a price tag. Too bad life has a lesson to teach this freaky therapist! She will soon learn that Karma is the 'one bitch' that has everyone's address. Fooling around with another woman's husband is dangerous, but falling in love with one can be deadly.

Dicmatized Volume 1, by Dyphia Blount
Publication date, Nov, 2013 pp.187

Lenese Stringfield is a beautiful, sexy, intelligent smart young female and to top all of that off she is one of the most sought after sex therapist there is. When it comes to sex she is the sex-slayer always making sure her partner or client of the week is satisfied her appetite for sex is that of a fat kid's appetite for cake. So you know what that means plenty of hot steamy lust filled sex that will leave your panties wet. 

But is this appetite for sex just a replacement for the love that she seeks from Antonio her on and off again man? All Lenese has ever really wanted was to be happy in love with a man that can make her feel secure, not secure in a financial kinda way because she made lots of money with most of her clients being celebrities but the secure of knowing that a man loves you and has your back through anything that's what I grasped from reading this book. She thought she found the one when one day in walks Mr. Fine and his wife trying to salvage a marriage that should have never happened so what does she do? She sleeps  with them thinking her sex will be enough to seduce him and make him leave his wife and it almost worked until the wife had other plans which included you will never take my husband alive. Although this book started off kind of slow to me meaning I like a book that can really get my attention within the first few pages I am glad that I continued  on because towards the middle of the book was when things really heated up. The storyline got better the plot began to thicken and the main characters started to grow on me  and the way the author wrote the ending was crazy HOT! I love a good cliff-hanger which is just what the author manage to bring. This was a very smooth read I have to give kudos to the editor there were hardly any errors which allowed it to read so smoothly. Did I want more after reading this book? Sure which I know is what the author intended .

Synopsis: Being the best sex therapist in Atlanta comes with a price tag. Lenese learns quickly that loving two men is not healthy and being pregnant by one of them is the least of her problems. Her longtime friend/employee, Liz has it in for her and will make her pay at all cost. Will she reveal Lenese's secrets to the love of her life, or will she just use Lenese's sexual tactics against her by sleeping her way to the top? The lies, drama, deceit, and sex of this hot trilogy will have you on the edge of your seat!

Dicmatized 2 Bitter Sweet Revenge by Dyphia Blount.
Publication date September, 2013 pp.234

This book picked up just where it left off but the plot is so thick you cant even cut I  never knew what was going to happen next. The drama keep coming as well as heavy dilemma.The way the author was able to enter twine the love triangle that Ms. Lenese has gotten her self into was marvelous I loved all the characters in this series but the one I really took a liking too was Antonio I totally  fell in love with him and felt sorry for him at the same time. Which such much back stabbing revenge plotting it is very hard to put this book down this is not your typical erotica book was it better than part one? Hell yes it was and i suspect it will only get better in part three of the series. 

Okay people you know what time it is Q&A....
1) How would I rate this book on a scale of 1-10?
    I would give it a seven

2) Would I recommend this book to my readers?
 Yes very steamy read...

3) Would I buy any other book from this author based off this one?
     Yes I cannot wait for part 3....

1) How long have you been writing?

     Almost 2 years

2) Love the Dicmatized series will there be a pt 3?

   Absolutely. Part 3 will be out Valentine's Day

3) How did you come up with the concept for the Dicmatized series?

Dicmatized is near and dear to me because I am Lenese. I was Dicmatized by my ex.

4) Okay Let's talk publishing I understand that you now have your own company how did that come about?

I just wanted to help others have the experience of publishing their books like I did. I want to help others make their dreams come true.

5) What kind of stories are you looking for and what grabs your attention when writers are submitting to you?

I'm looking at all genres. What grabs my attention is originality.

6) Tell me something about you that nobody knows?

Something about me that no one knows is my sexual appetite has declined since I wrote Dicmatized 2. My best sex is when love doesn't exist.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Glamorous Fall ... Free Pre-view Chapters 1- 3 !!!!!

Chapter One

Yo! What up doe? That’s how we say it in the 3-1-3, Detroit City, baby. Home of the Motown sound where we stay on point like Stacey Adams. If a nigga got some bread then I gots to have him. I’m Kiesha and straight off the rip I got to tell you that I’m about that cheddar.  Yeah, that’s right; my pesos, francs, lute, dinero, or whatever you choose to call it, but it still comes down to money. I just got to have it and I don’t care how I get it; it can come from gankin’ yo’ mother to fucking yo brother, yo daddy and yo man. Whether you’re a friend or foe, if it’s a way I can make money off you or around you, I’m doing it.
Before I go any further, let me tell you a little more about myself. I’m 25 years old, five feet and 11 inches tall, creamy brown skin with no blemishes, long hair; that’s mine. I have sexy ass Tina Turner; Beyonce legs and fine as hell! Hell, what nigga wouldn’t want me? For that matter, what bitch wouldn’t? I hang with two females, Rain and Mya. That’s because they’re followers and I’m a leader. Besides, I need someone to go shopping with me while I spend these fools’ money. Rain, she straight doe and I guess if I believed in having a B.F.F’s, she’d have to be one. We grew up together and from the age of six, our moms hung out before my mom got off into that drug shit. After turning seventeen, Mya moved on the block. She always wanted to hang with the big dogs and we let her. She’d do our dirt for us, like steal our clothes from the mall and break our ex’s car windows and shit.
I stood in the mirror admiring my 27-inch Remy weave that I’d just gotten done. I decided to switch it up this time  with the deep wave. It fell to the middle of my back with a straight china cut bang. My hair color of choice this week was auburn with blonde streaks. I liked wearing weave since I change my style a lot. One day, I might be feeling short and the next extra long. Satisfied with the outcome, I headed to my bedroom to grab the bag of weed outta my purse that I’d copped before gettin’ to the crib. I needed to relax and what better way to do that than taking a fatty to the head. Just as I was breaking down the blunt my phone rang. When I picked it up to answer, I made sure to put my sexy voice on.
“Hello, is Cheyanne there?”
Using one of my aliases, I knew it was one of my tricks. I gave each one of my clients aliases so I could keep track of them.
“Hey, Billy. What’s up?”
“Hello, Mistress Cheyanne I was wondering, do you feel like walking me on a leash today?”
I just laughed to myself. I knew exactly what he was talking about. Billy and I met twice a month. I charged his hillbilly ass 300 dollars an hour. About three years ago, I started my own One Girl Call Service and the only people who knew about it were Rain and Mya. I looked at my Cartier watch, thanks to another one of my clients. It was still early and I knew what he wanted, it had to be late, so I set his appointment for 4 o’clock in the morning. I was hoping that the neighbors would be asleep this time. Billy was one of my stranger tricks; by that I mean that he had some freaky fetishes. All he wanted was for me to wear tight jeans, six-inch heels, and walk him around naked on a leash. Then he'd ask me to remove my shoes slowly, so he could jack-off on my feet and lick it off. Yeah weird, right? But oh well, I was never one to turn down money. Fuck it! I’ll fulfill their fantasies no matter how freaky it is. Even though I have a decent job as a dental assistant, that  paid my rent, car note, bills, and left a little extra for the lifestyle I’m accustomed to, I just had to have more. You might say that I’m looking for the American dream to marry rich so I ain’t got to work no more.
I had a couple of hours to kill so I finished rolling my blunt and grabbed the phone to call my girl Rain. The phone rang seven times before she picked up. She sounded like she was going through some drama as usual. As soon as she said, “Hello,” I knew I was going to end this conversation fast. Have you ever had a friend who goes through drama every single time you see or talk to them? Damn, ain’t nothing ever right in their life? The first thing to come out of their mouth is, “Girl, let me tell you what happened to me!” or “Girl, I almost had to beat this bitch ass today!” Well, anyway, that’s how Rain is and I was not in the mood for it today.
“What up Rain? What you doing?”
“Oh, Kiesha girl you will never guess what happened to me today.”
I laughed to myself and sat back in my chair preparing myself to listen to her story. Thank God I had already started smoking my blunt since I needed to be high to listen to this shit.
“Girl, tell me why I saw Ricks ass in the park strolling and holding hands with another bitch?”
Rick was her main man and she broke her neck for that nigga. I don’t see why; he dogs the shit outta her and I’ve seen him with different females. But you can’t tell Rain that though. That nigga got her straight dick whipped. From the sound of her voice, I could tell she wanted to cry.
“Girl, I didn’t even trip on his ass or let him see me.”
“Why not? You should have. I know I would’ve.”
“Naw girl. I just hit him up on his cell was like, Hey, I saw you in the park earlier, but I didn’t want to interrupt you and your friend while y’all were holding hands. Girl, guess what that fool had the nerve to say?”
 She didn’t even give me a chance to answer before she blurted out, “Kiesha! This nigga had the nerve to say, ‘For real? Why didn’t you say hi then? I’ve known her longer than I’ve known you so she got more seniority than you. Besides, you knew I had other friends when I met you.’”
At this point in the story, I couldn’t do nothing but laugh, which turned into a cough. She caught me with that dumb shit right as I was taking a toke of my blunt.
“Bitch, I know you didn’t let him play you like that without getting back at his ass,” I said, laughing in between coughs. “Man, fuck that Rain! That nigga played you like you was his hoe and he was yo pimp. You feel me?”
“Kiesha, fuck him! For real this time; I’m serious. But anyway, have you talked to Mya today? We hittin’ the club or what? I gotta take my mind off this Rick shit.”
I knew she was talking just to be talking. If Rick called her ass right now, she gone’ drop everything.
“Naw, I ain’t talk to Mya, but I can’t fade it anyway. I got one of my clients coming over and you know I gots to get my money. Matter of fact, I need to get back with you, so I can get ready. When you talk to Mya, tell her I said, what up doe! I gotta go - peace!” I said and slammed the phone down.
I knew I had to end that conversation before she thought of some more drama. Man, I tell you, Rain is one silly bunny. It’s like the more I try to put her up on game, the more I lose my brain.

Chapter Two

Mya laid back on the table and placed her legs in the stirrups and waiting for the doctor to insert the clear plastic tube into her vagina. Suddenly, she heard that familiar sound of a vacuum sucking her baby from her. Since this was her fifth abortion in her short twenty-two years of living, she stopped being nervous a long time ago. This time, she’d gotten pregnant by a guy name, Sheek. He had big cheddar and was known for being flashy with his jewelry and many lines of luxury cars.
Mya remembered him pulling up to her in his 2013 Chrysler 300 on twenty–inch rims and TVs. She knew she’d struck gold when he asked her out. Hell, on their first date, he took her to the mall and spent eight-hundred on her. She let him wine and dine her In return, he made her bend over however and whenever he wanted. The sex was fantastic, but it was the anal sex that she hated. The last time they did it, she bled for an hour, but that was what he liked. Besides, she knew he loved her. Why would he spend so much money on her the way he did? The only thing she had against Sheek was that he never spent the night with her. He’d say that when business was booming, all the dope fiends came out. The day she told him that she was pregnant; Mya knew it would be all good. They’d get a house so she could get out her mama’s house; have two kids and a dog surrounded by a white picket fence type shit. But instead, he flipped the script on her.
“Bitch! The hell you is. It ain’t mine. You just want it to be because you know I got money. Besides, I hit it on the first night so ain’t no telling how many other niggas have. I already got two kids, so you betta have an abortion before I stomp that muthafucka outta you! The last thing my woman need is to hear that I knocked up a dumb broad like you. Hell, the only reason I kept you around is because you let me fuck you in the ass. My girl ain’t gone let me do that shit.”
Mya couldn’t believe the shit that was coming out of his mouth. All kinds of emotions ran through her mind. First shock, then hurt, and finally anger as she responded back.
“Nigga, fuck you! You was loving this ass though. Screaming like a little bitch when you was hittin’ it.”
Sheek stood, “You heard what the fuck I said? Get rid of it before I stomp yo ass!” He threw 300 dollars on the table and left.
 Now in the recovery room, Mya was thinking why did she hook up with him in the first place, but she knew why. Just like the rest, he said he loved her and she believed him.

I was dressed in my red-bottomed, Christian Louboutin, six-inch stilettos; courtesy of another one of my tricks. That’s what I love about my job; not only do I get paid, but I get great perks. To compliment my shoes, I put on a black miniskirt and a red satin strapless Victoria Secret bra that matched the bottom of my shoes. I always wear something like this when I hook up with Billy. Just as I grabbed my leather whip, yeah  I take my dominatrix role seriously, the door bell rang. Before letting Billy in, I took one last look in the mirror and hurried to the door. When I opened it, as usual, Billy stood there looking nerdy as hell. He had pale skin, , six feet two inches tall, and about 300 pounds. I called him a nerd since he’d always came dressed in the same attire; brown loafers, wire rimmed glasses, black blazer, and blue slacks.
“Hello, Mistress Cheyanne. May I enter?”
Now that I was used to the scenario, I quickly sunk into the role of his master easily.
“Yes servant, but first, you must get on all fours and walk like a dog.”
Eager, Billy did as he was told handing me the leash in the process. While waiting on me to tell him what to do next, I prepared for my performance.
“Get naked now you nerdy piece of white shit!”
Billy stood up and did as he was told. His dick was already hard from the anticipation. Smiling, I slid the leash around his neck and led him towards the front door. I walked him halfway up the block before turning around. After returning back to the house, I continued my performance.
“Yeah, you like being my servant don’t you? You love to worship this black skin. You think I don’t know that this pretty black skin is every white man’s fantasy, huh?” 
Billy began breathing loudly as he grabbed my leg and slid my heels off. “Permission to cum Mistress?”
“Did I tell you to talk? Yeah, you can cum but don’t forget to clean up your mess,” I ordered.
Billy got on his knees and proceeded to jack his dick off until he came all over my foot. Slowly, he bent down and licked it off until it disappeared. “And you better not miss a drop, you cum licker!” I enjoyed that part. It was a little gross, but if this white boy wanted me to walk him around on a leash, cum on my feet, lick it off, and pay me 300 to do it, then hell yeah, I’ll fulfill his fantasy. When his time was up, it was time for him to hit the door.

~The Following Week~

“What’s up Mya? If you ain’t tryin’ to hang with your girls no more, just say it. You ain’t gotta keep ignoring a bitch call,” I said with Rain on three-way with me.
“Yeah,” Rain jumped in, “What the fuck is up with you?” Mya laughed before responding, “Are y’all missing me or
“Bitch, you wish you was a star for real.” I laughed.
“Seriously, we need to have a girls’ night out y’all, because this thing with Rick got me messed up. Y’all know I love him,” Rain said.
 “Ah hell naw! You going through that Rick bullshit again?” Mya asked while laughing. “You should have left that nigga alone.”
“Bitch, I know you ain’t talking, especially all the losers you hook up with. Besides, at least I got a man,” Rain said.
 “Y’all crazy as hell. Both of you need to chill. Rain, you bring the drink and Mya, you bring the weed.”
“What you bringing?” blurted Mya.
“I’m bringing the house, the sounds, and the eats. So meet me at the crib about 8 o’clock,” I said before hanging up the phone.
The girls arrived, and after our eight shot of Remy and our fifth kush blunt, we were high as hell. That was when Rain started in on that Rick shit again. Some shit me and Mya couldn’t care less about.
“I mean, I’m just saying. I did everything for that nigga; every time he called and wanted to see me, I made myself available. Whenever he came banging on my door at three in the morning high as hell telling me to cook him something to eat, I got my ass up and did it, no problem. Not to mention, when his dumb ass went to the casino and lost twenty-five hundred and couldn’t recoup to pay his supplier, I pawned my jewelry for his ass, missed a couple of rent payments, and sucked a couple of dicks just to help him get back on his feet. Where was that bitch with seniority then?” Rain was feeling sorry for herself, so I felt like now was the perfect time to tell her about herself. That’s what friends are for, right?
“See, that’s where you fucked up. Stop always making yourself available like you ain’t got no other niggas ready to take his place. Quit getting out yo bed in the middle of the night just to cook his ass something to eat. Girl, I would have told his ass to go to Burger King where he could have it his way. Did you really pawn your stuff for him? I’ve never known him to pawn shit for you. When I see him, he’s always semi-iced out?” I used the word, “semi” since Rick was a petty hustler. That means he didn’t have real money.
“Yeah, you dumb as hell Rain!” Mya added. “Even I know not to do that shit and you older than me. You slipping, girl.”
“Oh yeah, just like you slipped and got pregnant by Sheek? Then he told yo ass to get an abortion because he already got a woman and kids.”
I sat there high as hell stunned. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking, that’s what Mya gets. She never played her cards right.
Mya was pissed, “Bitch, don’t try to put my shit out there because Rick using yo dumb ass and still fucking with other hoes. Yeah, Sheek did play me but he also paid me, took me shopping every time we got together, and spent stacks on top of stacks,” she said, pointing to the diamond earrings and the bracelet on her wrist. “And I didn’t have to play Chef Boyardee to his ass and pawn my shit to get the dick or the money sweetie, because that’s all you doing. He ain’t giving you shit.”
Rain couldn’t do shit but shut the hell up.
“Why y’all always arguing? That’s what I want to know. Both of y’all crazy, but at least Mya got something outta the deal besides a wet pussy and some dry pockets. Rain, you really need to be taking that shit out on Rick. Hurt him where you know it’s gone hurt. Now is we still partying or what? I got to get my drink on all over again because you hoes brought my high down with all that arguing. Here, roll up Mya,” I said, tossing her a blunt and another bag of kush. “Rain get yo drunk ass in the kitchen and make us some daiquiris. I can’t drink no more of that Remy.”
Rain got up and headed towards the kitchen but not before saying, “See there you go, always got to be the damn boss.”
“That’s what I’m here for baby,” I said, playfully throwing one of my couch pillows at her.
Mya sat in the corner still mad and now turning red, which was easy in her case since she was as yellow as hell anyway. She was what you considered exotic beauty. Her mom was mixed having a white father of her own, and Mya’s dad was Irish which made her black, white, and Irish. She had with grayish, green eyes, long, red curly hair, petite standing at five feet five inches tall.
“What’s up, Mya? Why you so quiet?” I asked.
“Because Rain get on my damn nerves. She’s always worrying ‘bout my shit. I almost smacked her ass. I’m tired of hoes always thinking they know me, for real. Then I get pissed because she was right. Sheek played me, had me thinking we was gone be together, then as soon I got pregnant, he wanna tell me he already got a woman. I don’t fucking get it. I mean, ugly ain’t nowhere on me. I know I’m fine as hell, so why can’t I keep a nigga longer than a couple of months?”
I kinda felt bad for my girl. “Girl, don’t sweat these niggas. Most of them ain’t shit and the others are gay. All I can say is, don’t be weak and let a man know off rip that you ain’t taking no mess. Stop falling for everything they tell you.  I’m single by choice, and you know just as well as I do that guys be tryin’ to holla at me as soon as I walk out my door, but I won’t put up with the bull crap. I don’t have time for it, and for some reason, the world has it messed up. Men always assume that because you’re alone that you’re lonely, but that is so untrue. Girl, sometimes I have to cut my ringer off, bottom line. Don’t sweat these dudes.”
Rain was in the kitchen starting the margaritas. While pouring Tequila into the blender, she thought about the argument she had with Mya. She didn’t mean to come on her like that; it had to be the thing with Rick or maybe not. It was like Mya changed when she hooked up with Sheek. It seemed to be all peaches and cream. She was always talking ‘bout how Sheek took her to this restaurant or how they went to the mall; how he bought her this bad outfit, or bought her diamond earrings and a matching bracelet. It wasn’t like she was jealous of Mya. Hell, she had been with plenty of ballers herself, but since Mya had been with him, she always had something to talk about and she had nothing. Rick never took her to the corner store let alone anywhere else. He also had money, but seemed to only want hers. She wasn’t stupid and knew that Rick was using her, but the way he beat da’ pussy up, should’ve been a crime. To her, it was worth it. Besides, it did feel good rubbing that shit in Mya’s face just to let her know that her shit ain’t tight either.

Chapter Three

Cruising down Seven Mile and Conant, I was on my way home from work when I spotted Sheek. Standing outside Scotch Castle liquor store, he was talking to some other nigga. Castle was like a meeting place, especially on the weekends. It was like parking lot pimpin’ as Jay-Z said it. You could post up in the lot and get your mack on. Damn, too bad I had my work uniform on. Oh well, I looked so good he wouldn’t even notice it. All of a sudden I was feeling a little thirsty, so I did a quick mirror check and made a u-turn into the liquor parking lot. Quickly, I put on some lip gloss and sprayed on my favorite perfume, Flowerbomb. That shit smells good. I parked and jumped out of my car. As soon as I walked passed him, everyone he was standing there talking to turned their attention towards me.
“Hey, Mya’s friend. You don’t remember me?” I heard one guy say.
I turned around and recognized Mya’s cousin, Tolee.
“Hey, Tolee. How you been?” I said, making eye contact with Sheek. After making idle chit-chat, I walked into the store. When I came out, BINGO! Sheek approached me talking sexy as hell.
“What up chocolate? You a tall drink of water. Can I drink that? Naw, on the real, I’m Sheek. I already know your Mya’s friend, but what’s your name and can I take you out some time?”
I smiled before responding, “I’m Kiesha, and you’re right, I am Mya’s girl. So knowing that, you must know that your name has come up in conversation before.”
Sheek put on a cocky smile before replying, “Well, since she told you about me, then I’m sure she told you how I was tearing her ass off and taking her on shopping sprees.”
Giving him an even cockier smile, I responded, “That’s cool but what the hell does that have to do with me? Unless, you plan on tearing my ass off too.”
“Well, I don’t know, but if you play your cards right I just might.”
“I tell you what,” I began, handing him my phone number that I’d already had written down just in case. “If you come with the right hand, I might just give you a chance,” I said, walking towards my car. I made sure to give a little extra switch in my walk since I knew he was watching.
When I made it to the crib, I was happy but was dog ass tired. Work had worn me out. It seemed everybody and their damn mamma had to see the dentist today. One patient had the breath from hell that smelled like shit, onions, and sick all at the same damn time. If you know you’re going to the dentist and knew we were goin’ to have to go in your mouth, so why the fuck you didn’t brush your teeth or at least gargle with some mouthwash?
Heading towards the shower, I began stripping my uniform off. When I stepped into the shower, the hot water felt good running down my back. I lathered up with my favorite Victoria’s Secret shower gel, Love Spell. I allowed it to rinse all the stress off from the day. After turning off the water, I grabbed my towel to dry off. Suddenly, I heard my house phone ringing, so I knew it was a business call. Oh well, me being tired would have to wait ‘cause right now money called.
“Hello,” I said seductively.
“Hi, is this Kali?”
I knew who it was from the name he used. “Hi Steve. This is she.” Steve was a referral and I guess my service was so good that he told a friend.
“Hey, Kali. Glad I caught up with you. Do you think you could spare some time?”
Hell yeah, I said to myself. Especially, for the bread. “I always have time for you, baby.”
“Sounds great! I’ll be there in an hour. Oh, and I was wondering if we could try something different today. Like me tasting your golden juices? You could just sit on my face and let me be your human toilet.”
I laughed. Nothing surprised me anymore when it came to my tricks. I must say, white boys are the freakiest niggas I know.             It’s like the grosser the better with they asses. “I can get with that, Steve, but you know that will cost you extra.”
“That’s fine with me. Just make sure to wear something sexy. See you soon.”
I hung up the phone and quickly headed to my bedroom to find something to put on. I decided on a peach, extra lacey, two-piece lingerie set and white heels. After getting dressed, I headed to the kitchen to drink as much water as possible. That way, I could pee down this cracker’s throat and get my money. It was already hard enough fulfilling his first fantasy, which was spitting on his stomach and watching him rub it in.
By the time I’d downed my sixth cup of water, Steve was knocking on my door. I still didn’t have the urge to pee, so I hurried to the sink to refill my glass before letting him in. When I got to the door, he said, “Well, hello sexy. Might I say that peach becomes you.” He placed the envelope in my hand. That was what I liked about Steve and all the other white guys. They always come with the money in hand and I never have to remind them how much I charge. Unlike the brotha’s, there’s no complaints about the price. That’s why I didn’t fuck with them.
“Well, I take it; it’s all here along with a generous tip?” I asked, grabbing his hand and leading him to my bedroom. He laid him across my bed as proceeded to straddle his mouth with my pussy. I couldn’t pee worth shit and it took nearly thirty minutes before I made it rain with my golden juices down his throat. I made sure he got it all. He gulped my pee down like it was champagne. I got up from the bed and went to freshen up. When I returned, Steve was still licking his lips like he’d just finished eating dinner.
“Well Steve, that was fun,” I said, handing him his clothes. “I have to get ready for my next appointment.” I didn’t have another appointment, but I was tired of looking at his ass. I watched as he put on his clothes and headed to the door. After locking the door behind him, I headed back to my bedroom to straighten up. While changing the bed sheets, my cell phone rang.
Damn, who is it now? I wondered to myself as I ran to grab my phone.
“Hello, can I speak to Kiesha?” the deep, sexy voice said.
“This is she, who is this?” I asked suspiciously. I had a feeling who it was.
“Oh, what up sweetie. This Sheek. You want to hook up tonight or what? I got some tickets to the Players Ball. It starts at 10.”
I glanced at the clock and it was 8 o’clock. “Ok, that’s cool. What time should I meet your there? Matter of fact, I’ll just be there about a quarter to 10.”
Sheek laughed, “Is there a reason why we can’t ride together? What? You got a man and don’t want him to see you riding in the car with another dude?”
I laughed. “Naw honey, it’s not even like that. I just like to ride my own shit so when I’m ready to bounce I can.”
“I feel you shorty. Yeah, quarter to ten is cool and wear something sexy. Peaccee!”
Damn, that was fast. I thought he would have at least waited a couple of days before calling. Now what to wear was the question of the evening since I not only had to look good for him, but I also had to look good for his crew; thus portraying the trophy wife which would make me halfway in the door. Thank God my weave was just a couple of days old and still looked nice. I decided on a Vera Wang pink silk jersey dress that clung to my body just right. I had a deep swoop in the back and the front, which meant I couldn’t wear a bra. The dress revealed my navel and the back plunged down to the crack of my ass.
I chose pink because it complimented my chocolate skin tone. I threw on some platinum bangles and extra big hoop earrings. I even put on my platinum-colored, Vera Wang stilettos. That’s right ladies, if you gonna rock it, you can’t wear one without the other. I sprayed on some perfume, grabbed my purse and keys, and headed to my vehicle with time to spare. I lived Downtown, so it it took no time to get there.
When I pulled into the parking lot, Sheek must have peeped instantly. He began waving his hand in the air and shouting, “What’s up baby? I saved a spot just for you,” he said, signaling for me to park behind his truck. Sheek had eight cars that I knew of and you would never know which one you was gone’ to see him in. I parked, checked my hair and the make-up and exited my vehicle. Once I got out, you could see a glimpse of my creamy cocoa legs peeking from the spilt in my dress. I let it linger before getting out.
“Damn, Ms. Lady what’s yo’ name? My name Rello. You fine as hell.”
“That’s what I’m saying baby, holla at ya boy Dino.”
Suddenly, Sheek stepped in, “Man, she ain’t hollering at none of y’all fools. She’s with me.” As an extra affect, he put his arm around my waist BAM! My job’s done now and all I have to do is play the trophy girlfriend. The girl that every nigga wants and every bitch wanted to be.
While walking towards the entrance, I broke the ice, “Damn sexy, you looking good as hell.”
Sheek was a fine ass brotha that stood at six feet four inches tall, 230 ripped pounds, and golden brown skin. With the complexion of actor, Terrance Howard, who starred in the movie, Hustle and Flow, he reminded me of the rapper, Ludacris. He wore the hell out of a grey Armani suit, white, silk shirt, and topped off with grey gators. Detroit dudes got to have a pair of gators , which is another thing we’re known for in Detroit.
Looking at him made me hot as hell, but he quickly disturbed my thoughts.
“Hell girl, you the one. I didn’t know yo’ ass was that thick and you got some pretty ass feet.”
I began wiggling my toes that I had painted pink to match my dress.
“You gonna have to let me suck on those later.”
I smiled. “Well, if you’re good then in due time, maybe I will.” I said, walking past him so that he got a good look at my booty. Once inside, I peeped that there were ballers everywhere and they were looking good. I’d been having sex for money for so long that I’d forgotten about looks. Not to mention, I hadn’t been with a black guy in three years. It was easier getting what I wanted from a white guy, but honey, looking at some of these brothas almost made me want to pay them, sike! Now, you know I’m lying about that, but there were fine male and females up in there.
See, that’s just one thing I’m not afraid to do, give a female her props. Besides, I like competition. Some were top notch like myself, hair freshly done, sporting a dress that cost three-hundred or better, with shoes to match. Those were the ones who had been in the cheddar game for a long time and knew how to work their shit. Then there were the females who thought they were cheddar girls with fifty dollar outfits and Payless shoes. As long as a nigga was giving them that along with hair and nail money, they were tight. You know those girls that you see at the bus stop after stepping out of a nigga’s Benz or his Vette?
As the evening progressed, I began to enjoy myself. Sheek continued showing me off as we danced and sipped on some Rosé. They even had my boy, T-Pain come out and sing some cuts. The more I danced, the more I drank. By the end of the night, we were feeling real good. Sheek started kissing all over my neck and massaging my shoulders at the same time.
“So what up Shorty?” he whispered in my ear. “You want to get a room?”
Instantly, my buzz went down as business came to mind, but I decided to play it slow on this one. I knew I could milk this cow for a while by pretending to be the trophy girlfriend and continue to do what I did on the side.
            “I’ll tell you what, why don’t you follow me home to make sure that I make it there safely ‘cause I’m drunk as hell and don’t think I can make it alone. Then give me a call later and we can take it from there.”
Shocked, Sheek couldn’t believe I turned him down. His face changed quickly and decided to follow me to the crib. After we got to my house, he walked me to the door. When he turned to leave, I leaned towards him and tongued the hell out of him.
 “Oh, it’s worth the wait, sweetheart,” I whispered. I walked in the house, leaving him standing on the porch.
Hey baby, I been thinking about you all day. I miss you. Don’t you miss me? I don’t know why you still acting like you mad at me. You know you wanna see me as bad as I wanna see you. Rain read the text message again and began to cry. It had been almost two weeks since the episode at the park and she was trying to be strong, but it was getting harder every day. Rick had a way of saying all the right things. Besides, she was missing all that good loving.  She was beginning to feel that she would rather put up with his bullshit than with someone else’s all over again. Besides, her and Rick had history together, but she wasn’t worried about him. She just didn’t feel like hearing all the stuff Mya and Kiesha had to say. Well, not really Mya, ‘cause her shit wasn’t together either. Kiesha on the other hand would have a lot to say. Ever since they were six years old, Rain felt she always had to prove herself to her. Just then, her phone began vibrating. Knowing that it was probably another text from Rick, she picked up the phone and dialed his number.
“What’s up baby, I miss you,” Rick said in asexy voice.
“I miss you too, baby,” I replied.
Going through the same thing as Rain, Mya was missing Sheek with a passion. Although she knew Sheek was a freak, when it came to getting da’ ass, she just knew he’d be calling her for that reason and she’d be waiting. She figured there was no reason why they couldn’t still hang out. She could continue to get the money and he could still get the ass; basically, that’s all it was anyway, so why stop a good thing? She had to be more careful and really did like him. But she knew deep down, he had feelings for her too or why else would he have spent crazy loot on her the way that he did? It had been three weeks since she’d seen or heard from Sheek. After calling his cell a few times, she kept getting his voicemail. The doctor had given her the green light to have sex again and she instantly thought of him. It was Friday and she knew that he hung at a bar downtown called, They Say and that where she wanted to be. She picked up the phone to call Kiesha to see if she wanted to roll.
“What’s up chicka? Hit the club with me tonight?” I asked as soon as Kiesha picked up the phone. Damn, I still hadn’t found a way to tell her about me and Sheek. I don’t even know if I was gon’ tell her, but for the last three weeks we’ve been stuck like glue. I’d even turned down a couple tricks ‘cause he had something planned for us. Either it would be wining and dining me at five star restaurants like the Rattle Snake or taking me on shopping sprees, I still hadn’t given him the ass yet.
“Damn, hello caller. Are you there?” Mya said, interrupting my thoughts.
“What club you talking ‘bout hitting?” I really didn’t want to go, but I didn’t want to seem suspicious.
“Let’s hit up They Say and have some drinks, my treat.”
I laughed. “Hell yeah, if you treatin’ then I know I better jump on this. I’ll pick you up around 11. Peace!”
Mya didn’t tell her she was going to holla at Sheek since she didn’t want Kiesha to know she was sucker-stroking, especially since he played her. It was 9 o’clock. She had two hours to get ready and was going to use the time wisely. Thank God it was summertime, a hot 80 degrees, and even though the sun was pretty much set, she was going to wear something short and sexy. She’d just got her curly, red hair straightened and cut in a feathered wrap. She’d decided on a yellow, jumpsuit short-set, a silver chain belt, and some silver stilettos that strapped all the way up to her knees. The jumpsuits clingy material hugged her body just right. She put on the tennis bracelet that Sheek had bought her. Not needing any make-up, she just put on a coat of Mac lip gloss and waited for Kiesha to pick her up.
Now that I actually had to see Mya face-to-face, I was feeling guilty about the Sheek thing. I knew I would get over it, but I still felt guilty at the moment. It had been three weeks since I’d seen Mya and I knew that if I’d said no, she would have started tripping and whining since we’d never spent much time apart. But oh well, it is what it is. Don’t get me wrong, Mya’s my girl and I hate to see her get hurt but it’s not my fault she didn’t play her shit right. Besides, money is money and a trick is a trick, so what’s love got to do with it? Keep that shit in the family. I won’t be pressed to tell her, but if it comes down to it, I won’t deny it. That’s how I’ll handle that one.
With that decided, I picked up the phone to call Rain. We might as well make it a girls' night out. I knew from the deep voice that answered, it was no other than the good-for-nothing, always gotta be fucking something nasty ass Rick.
“Yeah, let me speak to Rain.”
“May I ask whose calling?” he asked sarcastically. He knew damn well who it was. He answered her phone all the time. What type of shit is that anyway? What type of nigga always answers their girl’s phone? Hell, Rain can’t answer his phone, that’s for sure.
“No, you cannot ask whose calling. Put Rain on the damn phone!” I yelled. I heard him drop the phone on what sounded like the floor or a table.
“Rain, yo’ bitch ass girl on the phone. It’s either Mya or Kiesha,” he yelled.
“What’s upper?” Rain said.
“Girl, I’m telling you now…Rick, is gonna get fucked up if one more bitch directed towards me or Mya comes out his mouth. And you stupid as hell for even dealing with him. I thought you were better than that.”
“Man, Kiesha I don’t want to hear all that shit,” Rain said with an attitude.
“Why don’t you hit the club with me and Mya tonight? Girls night out, my treat.”
I didn’t know why I asked since I knew she was gon’ say no since Ricks ass was there.
“Naw girl, me and Rick just gone chill tonight, watch some movies, and do some serious talking. He goin’ to get the movies now.”
 I laughed. Yeah, you mean some serious fucking! I thought to myself. “Oh well, me and Mya will be fine shaking our asses without your ass and it’s Friday, so you better hope his ass comes back.” I hung up on her while laughing at her dumb ass. She got it bad, like the Usher song say. It was 10 o’clock, so I jumped in the shower, took a quick wash up, and then slipped into an all-red, Marc Jacobs mini-dress, and red heels to match my hair color of choice this week; which was auburn with blonde highlights.
I chose a short weave that put you in the mind of Fantasia when she first came out. I headed out the door to Mya’s place. When I pulled up, I didn’t have to call her as she was already heading out the door.
“What up?”
I had to admit Mya was working the hell out of the jumpsuit she was wearing; model material.
“Damn girl, you ready to pull some niggas tonight? Coming out here like you just stepped off the runway,” I said jokingly.
“Yeah, I’m trying to pull me a baller tonight, baby,” Mya said, laughing while getting in my truck.
I passed her a blunt to fire up as I pulled out of her driveway. I put in some riding music, Beyonce’s, Upgrade You, was the song of choice. I swear her and my boy, Jay-Z be ripping on that song and by the time we got to the club, we were high as fuck. When we walked in, niggas was feeling us.  I could hear Kanye and Jay-Z’s cut, Gotta Have It, blasting through the speakers. “I got what cha need, what cha what cha need,” the chorus sang.
The place was packed with people on the dance floor getting their dance on. Me and Mya headed to the bar and ordered a couple of glasses of Kettle One Vodka mixed with pineapple and cranberry juice. We eventually found a table close to the dance floor. After an hour and our fourth drink, I almost choked when I seen Sheek.
“Oh Girl! Here, how do I look? You think I should go say something to him?” Mya yelled over the music.
When I turned my attention back towards Sheek, I have to admit, I didn’t know what the fuck to do. I thought, maybe he won’t see me, but that thought shattered quickly when I saw his boy tap him on the shoulder. As soon as he spotted us, he walked towards out table with a big Kool-Aid grin on his face.
“Girl, he look happy to see me. Look at him smiling,” Mya said. She also had a big Kool-Aid grin on her face.
“Uh, Mya I got something to tell you about yo’ boy Sheek,” I began, but before I got the chance to say anything else, he snatched me up out my chair, smacked me on the ass, and then planted a big ass kiss on my lips.
“What’s up baby, what’s up Mya?”
I look on Mya’s face said she wanted to cry, but she managed to scream out, “Bitch! I can’t believe you! Kiesha, out of all the niggas you could have fucked with, you had to fuck with mine? Is that why you been dissin’ me the last couple of weeks? You’s a nasty, trifflin’, ass hoe. I hope he dog the shit out of you. What kind of friend are you?”
I knew it had to come out sooner or later, but why did it have to be sooner?
“Mya, I’m sorry. I was gonna tell you,” I pleaded.
Mya turned around screaming, “Sorry?! Yeah you is sorry, skank!” At this point, we’d drawn a nice, little crowd around us.
            “Fuck that Mya!” Sheek hollered. “You was just a piece of ass so get over i!”
Mya did shed a tear or two.
“Okay, stop!” I yelled. “Sheek you be quiet. This is between Mya and me and as far as I’m concerned, I’m not about to give these people a show. Now…if you want to talk we can.”
Mya looked at Sheek one more time before running out of the door. Running after her, we go to the parking lot where she stood with a brick in her hand as if she was goin’ to break my car windows.
“Now you really tripping if you think I’m gonna let you break my windows. Please don’t make me whip yo’ ass. Look Mya, I’m not trying to be harsh, but it’s like this, you can’t handle a man like Sheek. If you could, you wouldn’t have messed up and got pregnant. You my girl and all, but you in the minor leagues and this here is major hitter type shit. You think that nigga give a fuck about me or you? Hell naw! He don’t care and that’s why you get the cheddar while you can. A trick is a trick and there are no rules when it comes down to this money shit. You had your turn and the gravy train ran out, so now it’s my turn. You know…keep it in the family.”
Mya tossed the brick down. “You just don’t get it do you? We been knowing each other for years and you suppose to be my girl. I’m not just some chick off the street, I’m yo’ girl, yo’ sister. I considered you family,” she said before bursting out in tears.
She started walking down the street, so I hopped into my truck and followed alongside of her. “Mya, come on. I’m sorry and I didn’t know you liked him like that. Get in the car.”  You would have thought we were lovers the way the scenario looked. I rode beside her until she flagged a cab down and got inside. I headed home. The whole night was a little too much for me and I wanted to get in to bed.
 When I pulled up in my driveway, I saw Sheek parked all the way in the back yard. When he got out, I melted as usual. Despite what just happened, when I seen his smile, it made me happy. It seemed as if he was always happy to see me, like I was the highlight of his day. He opened my door and helped me out.
“Hey Shorty, you all right? I know that must have been a tight situation, her being ya girl and all.”
I exhaled. “Man, I don’t even want to talk about it, I just want to get in my bed.” I was going to tell him to leave, but when I turned back to face him, he had two glasses and a bottle of champagne in his hand. Along with that sexy ass smile, how could I resist? He wore a pair of faded True Religion jeans, a powder blue polo shirt that he’d matched to the tee, and a pair of Nike Air Max’s with powder blue soles.
            “You sure you don’t want to talk about it, Shorty?”
After taking another look at him, I replied, “Yeah.” When we got inside, I headed straight to the shower to wash off the scent of the club.
I threw on a pair of bootie shorts, a tank top, and headed back into the living room. I noticed that Sheek had made himself comfortable. He had his shoes off, playing slow jams, had candles burning, and even had the champagne already poured.
 “Shorty, I want you to be my girl. I know I was with Mya first and I thought I liked her, but since I been with you, I’m really feeling you.”
At this particular time, I didn’t care what type of game he thought he was running; I hadn’t had sex with a brotha in a long time and this brotha was looking and smelling good. He began massaging my shoulders so well that It made me want him. Besides, he’d paid enough upfront to be worthy of the ass.
I began stripping down while giving him a seductive look. Sheek’s eyes almost jumped out of his head when I exposed my perky 38C breasts.
 “Ah hold up, Shorty. I want this to be special,” he said, picking me up and carrying me to my bedroom. Once there, he laid me down, grabbed my feet, and started sucking my toes. As I moaned from the tremors he was sending through my body, he started licking my ankles and made his way to my knees. Nibbling his way up, he spread my legs and stuck his tongue into my warm spot. My heart raced and now my body felt tense, hot, and excited all at the same time. While teasing my clit, he brushed his tongue across it lightly, kissing it, taking me over the top. I grabbed his head and pushed him deeper into my pussy. I must have cum three times; multiple orgasms back-to-back.
            “Oh baby! Yes! I’m cuming!” I shouted.
He stood up and began to undress, revealing a nice toned twelve-pack. Sheek was definitely ripped. I let my eyes travel down further to his extra long, rock hard dick that was standing at attention. He was packing. It must have been at least a good nine inches. It had width, nice and thick. Shit! No wonder Mya had been stressing over his ass. By the time he slid the rubber on, I was ready. He laid on his back and I climbed on top of him going to work. You would have thought he was a horse and I was a cowgirl the way I was riding his dick. We were a perfect fit as he began scratching my back as I began riding him harder and faster; putting my back into it. I tried to turn this nigga out like that old Missy Elliot song, Pussy don’t fail me now, I gotta turn this nigga out so he don’t want nobody else but me and only me. I guess he couldn’t handle the ride any longer, as he turned me over so he could hit it from the back. While he fingered my ass at the same time, It was freaky as hell but made me to cum all over again.
“Baby cum with me, I’m ‘bout to cum!” I screamed.
Sheek began hitting it harder and faster, grunting and moaning. “Damn, this pussy good. Girl, hell yeah, I’m ‘bout to cum too.”
He stroked it a couple more times before we both exploded.
We laid back in the bed and after a few minutes, we went at it again. We must have fucked six times that night. I must have had about 12 orgasms. It felt good to be sexed the way I wanted to be sexed.
“Damn, you the greatest girl. That’s gonna be my pussy and you bet not give it to nobody else.”
We found a cozy position in each other’s arms and went to sleep. When I woke up, it was two in the morning and this was something I wasn’t used to. Usually it’s, “Hey! We handled our business, now hit the door!”
 Sheek was still snoring, so I went and hopped in the shower.  I wasn’t in there a good ten minutes before he joined me. We were at it again and that turned out to be the longest shower I ever took.
      While we were getting dressed, my phone rang. It was no other than Billy. I’d been dissing him lately after spending so much time with Sheek and he was getting antsy. I didn’t want to lose him as a trick.
“Hey Cheyanne, can you make some time for me today?” I tried to play it like it was one of my girls since Sheek was all in my face.
“Yeah, for sure. What time you talking?”
“Oh, about ten. Do you have something new for me to do?”
I laughed. “Oh yeah, ten will do. I’ll think of something. See you then, bye.”
“Who you meeting, Shorty? I thought we was hanging out?”
I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Sweetie, I thought you were hanging with the guys tonight, so I was goin’ to hang out with my girls.”
He laughed. “What girls? You and Mya ain’t talking.”
“So that’s not my only girl! Me and Rain hanging, plus why are you all in my shit anyway? I’m not asking about you and your crowd.” Now pissed, I never allowed a nigga to be all in my shit and didn’t answer to nobody.
“Okay true that Shorty. Are you straight? Do you need some money?” he asked, peeling off six one-hundred dollar bills from a wad so fat, he could have stepped in about seven clubs and made it rain, thunder, sprinkle, and drizzle in that muthafucka.“Go buy you something nice to wear just in case y’all go somewhere. They know me I don’t want them to be like, ‘Damn, Sheek got his girl looking a hot ass mess.’” He laughed, gave me a kiss, and told me he would call me later.